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We supply a full range of professional animal grooming products perfect for show dog owners, professional groomers, and anyone who just wants to pamper their beloved pet

Animal House Professional Grooming Products

Here at Animal House, we stock natural, Australian-made grooming supplies tested and designed to give your pet that winning edge in the show ring. They’ll keep their coat beautifully shiny, sleek and smooth.

We’re passionate about helping you with all your animal grooming needs. If you have any questions about the best products for your breed or solutions for specific coat needs, please get in touch. You can reach us by email at [email protected] or call us on 0274 335 586.

These premium grooming supplies have been made with the best possible ingredients for gentleness and performance. We listen to the needs of breeders, groomers, and pet owners to develop products that will give your pet’s coat extra volume, hold and shine without harsh, damaging chemicals.

That means:

  • No Harsh Silicones
  • No Chlorides
  • No Harsh Salts
  • No Bleaching Agents